Image Art Gallery came into existence in the year 1999 and has grown a lot in terms of art ever since. Our gallery is a one-stop destination for all kinds of original, affordable, luxurious and exquisite paintings. We don’t just believe in selling, we believe in building confidence with our clients & making sure they love, understand and are satisfied with the art they are looking at or buying. We have a gigantic collection of all kinds of artworks, be it contemporary or abstract, ranging from well- established artists to the new upcoming & promising artists. With the digitalization increasing at the rapid speed, we finally decided to take our business online, showcasing our artworks worldwide and making it easy and available for everyone wanting to acquire. Our physical art gallery, which is located in Mumbai, India, has been our core existence since the start, where everyone is welcomed to visit and enjoy this luxurious experience of buying an artwork, as we do not want to take it away from you.

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Meet the Founders

Nikhil Rambhia


Nikhil is the founder and owner of Image Art Gallery. Being into this industry for the last 22 years, he understands the art culture and the needs of the customers, making sure his each client is satisfied with their purchase. His passion for art and eagerness to start a business made him build this empire. His years of experience and knowledge helps in the smooth running of the business be it online or offline. His main focus in this business has always been building good relations with clients and being loyal to the customers.

Yashvee Rambhia


With a strong aesthetic towards art and eye for a detail, Yashvee handles the operations, user experience, customer service, and logistics at Image Frames & Paintings. With previous experience of dealing with clients, she uses her 3 years of experience into practical. To know gain more knowledge of luxury, she did her Masters in Luxury Management from Paris, France. To put her knowledge and experience in use, she decided to move back to her home country to handle her family business and expand it further. With her experience with an e-commerce company in Paris, she helps to draw a direction to the digitalization of Image.

Nirvi Rambhia


Nirvi being the face and voice of Image, she handles the design, PR, communication and advertisement at Image. She finished her studies in Mass Media and Advertisement to join a hand in the business. She has gained her experience from doing various internships and projects in this field. She decided to join the family business as soon as she finished her studies. With a strong inclination and desire to help the business grow further, she decided to create an impact in India itself. She puts her knowledge of business development and marketing to be the driving force of digitalization of Image.

Browse the huge variety of our products

Our Promises

Impeccable service

Keeping the customer happy means being responsive to their needs and wants and it all comes from the service that is provided to them. We make sure to give all our clients the best experience by providing a human element of personal touch, making sure someone is always there to guide and clear doubts be it online or offline and help them make the best decision.

Fair pricing

As mentioned earlier, our main focus is being loyal to the customers. We are committed to being fair and giving out the best price as we closely work with the artists and sourcing partners to ensure the competitive prices. We are always ready to have a conversation if you believe there is an issue with our pricing.

Client satisfaction

Our top priority is making sure the clients are satisfied with their purchase. We ensure that our clients are certain and confident of their choices before making a purchase and assure that the piece will be exactly the same as shared or shown to the clients. If any artwork purchased arrives in a bad condition, we’ll find a solution and make things right.

Meticulous sourcing

Our entire collection is directly sourced from the artists, each of them having their own uniqueness and making what they are the best at. Being in this industry for more than two decades has helped us build strong relations directly with the artists and believing in them as much as they believe in us.

Prime quality

As we strongly believe in providing the best quality and not compromising on what we offer; the paintings that are showcased at our physical gallery as well as the website will be up to the mark.

Secure shipping

We use shipping services of trusted and reliable delivery service providers only. We understand the concern our clients might have regarding the safety of their purchase, but, each artwork is shipped in double protective packaging to ensure its safety.

Tailored curation

Every artwork at our gallery and on the website is closely chosen and handpicked by the Founders. We decide the artists and the pieces we want to showcase from their collection. Each artwork has an entire thought process and a story to tell.